If you would like to take a deep dive into the topics of fatigue, hormones, chronic pain, nutrition, functional medicine or holistic health here are some great doctors, scientists, and researchers that you may be interested in checking out:

  • Ari Whitten-energy and fatigue specialist, author

  • Dr. Peter Osborne-clinical nutritionist, leader in functional medicine, author

  • Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum-expert in chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, pain and sleep

  • Dr. Tom O'Bryan-expert in gluten related disorders, autoimmune conditions and functional medicine

  • Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson-psychologist specializing in food addictions and successful weight loss

  • Dr. Michelle Sands-naturopathic physician, female hormone expert

  • T. Colin Campbell-biochemist, specializes in the effect of nutrition on long-term health

  • Dr. Dean Ornish-health advocate, cardiologist, researcher, author

  • Dr. Josh Axe-doctor of natural medicine, clinical nutritionist, author

  • Dr. Elson Haas-integrative family physician, health and nutrition author

  • Dr. Mark Hyman-internationally recognized leader, educator and advocate of functional medicine

  • Rosemary Gladstar-herbalist, author, educator

  • Dr. Joe Tatta-physical therapist, certified clinical nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner

  • Trudy Scott-food and mood expert, nutritionist, author

Many of these experts have great websites and books-check them out!