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The Empowerment of Realizing Your Self-Worth

Updated: Jan 2

Today, I wanted to write about something that is such an important part of living the life that you deserve.

I also have a fun and inspiring exercise to put it into action...starting today.

First...this 'something' is

self-worth...and it fuels so much about how you live your life.

It influences your choices...your thoughts...and, your actions.

It is about realizing how important and valuable you are. And also how worthy you are of treating yourself well and being treated well by others. Self-worth can help you recognize that you want something different for yourself when things don't feel right, either internally or externally, and you realize you want to make a change for the better. Self-worth lets you know you are absolutely worthy of feeling energized, healthy, confident, creative, and strong. You deserve nothing but the best for yourself--mind, body and spirit.

Here's a simple exercise for realizing your self-worth and putting it into action. So grab a pen and paper and do a little brain-storming for the next few minutes on the following...

  1. First, imagine yourself 12 months from today. If you had your best year ever and stayed on track with your goals, what would you envision your health and fitness to look like? What are your exact goals you want to reach? What would you like to accomplish?

  2. Next, imagine how living that way will FEEL to you. Be specific. What do your days look and feel like? What is your energy level? Are you feeling strong, confident and healthy? How will you feel when you go out with your friends? Or, in your relationships? How do you feel about your workday?

  3. Once you have crystal clear clarity on where you want to be in 12 months and how that feels, think about the decisions you will be making 12 months from now. What choices will you be making? How are you spending your time? How often are you exercising? How are you supporting your nutrition? Are you giving yourself time for self-care and stress management?

  4. And lastly, why wait 12 months to start making those decisions if you aren't already making them now? If you want to make a new reality for yourself where you are constantly empowered by your self-worth and vision of your future you have to make different decisions and choices today.

Embody and embrace the person you desire to become in 12 months and live as that person. Right now! It's time to live your life as if you have already reached these goals. That's the fastest and surest way to achieve them! Your energy flows where your attention goes so place your focus on what you would like to achieve.

And, let me tell you this is one of my favorite things to help my clients with. It is when my clients are empowered to approach their lives on their terms and reclaim their abundant energy that they make their desired transformations.

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About the Author

Kristi Ryan is the founder of Kristi Ryan Holistic Nutrition and the creator of the Abundant Energy Method for Busy Women. As a holistic nutrition and health coach specializing in energy wellness she supports, educates, motivates and empowers busy women with nutrition, mindset and lifestyle transformation using her proven methodology to bring abundant energy and vitality into their lives.

*Disclaimer: The information I share is for general information only and is not intended to replace medical advice. I do not diagnose, treat or cure disease, prescribe treatments or medications, or recommend medical treatment or surgery. You should speak to your physician prior to making any changes to your diet, lifestyle, exercise or medications or acting on anything you have read or discussed with me. If you don’t, you are doing so at your own risk.

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