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Mindful Eating-Slow it Down

Updated: Jan 2

Do you usually eat when you are rushing around and in a hurry not paying attention to what you're putting in your mouth but just trying to satisfy that hunger feeling? Sometimes, you may know that you're not making the healthiest choices but you choose something that is quick and easy deciding that next time you will make a better choice. And then next time rolls around and you find yourself stuck in the same situation making bad choices and then feeling bad because of your choices.

Well, what would it be like to slow down and think about what it is that you are stuffing into your face? Think about the nutrients and what that food is meant to do for you. Think about the tastes and the textures and where the ingredients came from. Does it really taste good or do you eat it out of habit just to fill your belly?

Try taking smaller bites, maybe half of the size of what is normal for you, and chew slowly. Chewing starts the digestive process so the more help you give your body to digest by being mindful, the easier it is for the rest of your digestive system to continue the process after you swallow.

Doesn't it make more sense to taste the good flavors for longer instead of just downing quick bites and going for more? The next thing you know all of your food is gone and you have no memory of what just happened.

In addition, eating slowly gives your body and mind the time to connect and for your system to say it has had enough. It is way too easy to overeat when you aren't paying attention and listening to when your stomach is saying it is full.

When you are mindful about each bite, you are less likely to mind'less'ly dump in junk that is processed with chemicals that are ultimately taxing your body and will eventually take a toll on your health.

And just think, if every person in the whole world took their time to mindfully eat their food, maybe we would all slow down, appreciate life and be healthier because we would want to make healthy choices when we really think about it. When we're healthier we are happier and we give ourselves the nutrients and energy to be smarter allowing the cycle to continue and grow exponentially.

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About the Author

Kristi Ryan is the founder of Kristi Ryan Holistic Nutrition and the creator of the Abundant Energy Method for Busy Women. As a holistic nutrition and health coach specializing in energy wellness she supports, educates, motivates and empowers busy women with nutrition, mindset and lifestyle transformation using her proven methodology to bring abundant energy and vitality into their lives.

*Disclaimer: The information I share is for general information only and is not intended to replace medical advice. I do not diagnose, treat or cure disease, prescribe treatments or medications, or recommend medical treatment or surgery. You should speak to your physician prior to making any changes to your diet, lifestyle, exercise or medications or acting on anything you have read or discussed with me. If you don’t, you are doing so at your own risk.

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