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Kristi Ryan Steed paddleboarding on a mountain lake. Kristi Ryan Holistic Nutrition.
Welcome ! I am so glad you found my website! A little about me...

I'm Kristi Ryan, a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach, Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist, Certified Massage Therapist and creator of The Abundant Energy Method for Busy Women. I support, educate, motivate and empower busy, tired, burned-out women to kick the fatigue and have abundant energy, better moods and healthier lives with nutrition, mindset and lifestyle transformation.

My interest in nutrition and wellness as well as the desire to help others learn how to be healthy naturally blossomed into nutrition and health coaching after spending my career as a massage therapist helping people feel better in their bodies. 
It is my life's mission to guide and transform my clients to regain their abundant energy and better moods in order to live their best lives. 

I know how challenging it can be to live a busy life while feeling overwhelmed, drained and moody. 

Having personally dealt with low energy and fatigue issues on and off for many years, I have unraveled the unhealthy patterns that were keeping me from being well. I am so happy to be able to say that I have successfully transformed my own life with all of the knowledge I have gained over the years.
And now I have a passion to share that knowledge to help my clients learn how to transform their own lives!
You don't have to be alone on your journey...I will be your guide and show you how to do this so that you can also live a life filled with good health, happiness and abundant energy.

Now that I have my energy back and live a balanced lifestyle, I get to spend my time doing all the things I love--hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, traveling and playing disc golf while spending time with the people I love. 

It feels great to feel great!

I would love to chat with you so we can get to know each other and discuss how I can help you get started.
Click below to book a Free Strategy Session with me!
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